He Said/She Said: how far should social media go?

By Kadren Galloway and Taylor Anderson


SHE: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. At least one of those you may know, and might even have an account for. Without social media, I would honestly be so dysfunctional, and so would a lot of other people, especially teenagers. Is it becoming too much? Maybe, but without these social medias, a lot of people wouldn’t be able to stay in touch. Although a lot of people use them to keep in touch with family members and friends, some use these things to rant about matters they can’t really say to other people face to face. I don’t mean to point out anyone, but it is mainly girls, and that’s totally okay. If it takes a Facebook post to get some weight off your chest, then go for it. There’s an unfriend/block button for a reason!

HE: I’ll start this with a clear statement of my opinion. Social Media is kind of creepy. I know, unpopular opinion, but let’s be honest, you’re not supposed to know everything about someone. People are meant to have secrets and share opinions, and at first social media was useful. However, it’s seemed to attract a large amount of drama and trolls over its lifetime. You can attack someone with almost no fear of punishment, and many seem to think of social media as a free pass to being a total jerk. It’s not like everyone on the internet is bad, but the huge pot of human outpouring is just nauseating.

SHE: I can see you’re point on how people don’t need to know everything about you, but that’s their choice when it comes to how much they put on their profile for people to see. There’s now privacy settings that make it to where it only lets the people you let see your profile or be your “internet friend”. Think about online dating; in order to know more about that person, they need to put information about themselves. In order for people to know who you are, you would kind of have to put something about you that one of your childhood friends may know. When you’re childhood friend clicks the “follow” or “add friend” button, it then comes up on your phone and then you have the choice to let them see your profile. I do agree, however, about the drama that may cause cyberbullying. That is a huge problem today, and becomes worse with more of these social medias that people are making. It is a risk having an account for any of these websites, but if you want to avoid drama then that’s your choice to have an account or to not have one.