A glimpse into parenthood

A few months ago, it would have been strange to see a classmate walking into class with a child in their arms. Now, it’s a part of your average day to hear the robotic crying from those babies. It’s become socially acceptable at WCHS to see your classmates plugging in different keys to the back of a baby mannequin to cure its tears. Then, once it stops crying, the student writes down a summary of what happened and then goes back to school work. Odd, right?

For parenting class, Mrs. Dye has assigned her students to be responsible for a plastic baby for 3 days and 2 nights. They have to go through taking care of the baby like a person would take care of a real child. The baby will cry if you hold it incorrectly, if it needs a diaper change, if it is hungry, or if it needs attention from the caretaker. For each one of these actions, there is a key that the student plugs into the control panel of the mannequin to calm its tantrum.

“I learned a lot from having the baby. It’s much harder to have a baby when you have so much to do. Now I understand why people have children when they are adults because it’s so hard with school and whatnot. One night the baby kept me up from around 1:00 am to 5:30 am and I had school that day,” freshman Amber Davis spills.

It’s clear to all that this activity surely put the point across. Children are a large responsibility and require an endless amount of time and effort. Thank you, Mrs. Dye, for opening our eyes to this matter.