‘Tis the season

With Christmas around the corner, party ideas are in an uproar. Many people enjoy the traditional family gathering and have a meal. Sarah Cunningham stated, “I use traditional hand-made for my tree decorations.” Depending on the atmosphere of your family gatherings, often this is the best time of the year for most. Chinese gift exchanges are a great way for people to spread joy and have great communication.

According to Amy Braden, “The best part of a gift exchange is getting to see the variety of gifts opened and seeing everyone have a terrific time.” In a Chinese gift exchange, each person gets to select a wrapped gift. The person then unwraps the gift potentially getting it stolen, resulting into having to choose another gift. The thrill of stealing, and the surprise makes the game fun. In the end, you may walk away with the present you desired or your least favorite. You can only exchange or open a new gift a certain amount of times. Lydia Torres said, “One year I wanted the new candle, but ended up getting dish rags instead.”

Drawing names out of a hat and only buying that certain person’s gift is also a good way to not spend a fortune on the holidays. When Mr. Sabo was questioned about the worst gift he has given his reply was, “I gave my brother a mandatory IOU.” There are many methods in keeping Christmas costs to a minimum, starting with the Christmas tree.

Each year, there seems to be a lot of focus on the debate between real vs. artificial Christmas trees. Just last year 81% of shoppers purchased an artificial tree. According to Traci Sears, “Live trees give off a nice Christmas smell.” There are pros and cons of each side. Artificial trees won’t die, loose pine needles, need to be cut down, nor need watered.

When buying artificial trees, if you save up that’s only a single cost verses spending some each year. On the other hand, fake trees have pros because they look prettier, there is no need to use space in storing, you don’t have to worry if all the limbs are there and it puts you in the Christmas spirit. Chyanne Rose said, “Artificial trees are a traditional thing in my house, has been since I was born.”



Tree Credit Lydia Torres