Band and choir excel this year

The band and choir have been working relentlessly to perfect every aspect of their performance on and off the field. The band has entered five competitions and performed at every football game this season. While the membership from last year to this year stayed the same, the experience level grew tremendously.

The band usually practices at least twice a week to perfect their playing. Under the leadership of junior field director Kaitlyn Thompson, the band has excelled this year performing at competitions. With seven years of band experience she leads her fellow members well. When asked whether she preferred competitions or playing at football games she said competitions were hands down her favorite. She said her favorite part of band is the sense of family she feels when she’s on band trips and with some of her best friends. She also said her favorite competition and her favorite band memory was winning Viking Fest.

The choir has also had a very fun and entertaining year so far under the leadership of director Shaun Davis. Membership has steadily risen from last year to this year with members in all four grades. When asked about choir and the people, Taylor Brooks said, “You get to express yourself along with a group that will always have your back.”

As a group they sang the heartwarming song “Song for the Unsung Hero” at the Veteran’s Day Assembly this year. When asked about the assembly Taylor said, “I enjoyed singing for those who have served our country, they did something they didn’t have to do for us. That’s true courage.” When it comes to everyday practice, they grab their folders and sing together to perfect their voices.

The choir has been rehearsing Christmas songs for the December 17th Christmas concert. The concert included the 7th grade choir, high school choir, 5th/6th grade band, 7th/8th grade White Tiger Band, and the high school Tiger Band members. They continue to look forward to an amazing rest of the year filled with lots of singing and friendship.