Clubs give back for Christmas

This year Wirt County High School did Secret Santa for kids that weren’t as fortunate.

Hi-Y adopted two kids. Mickayla Gibson was responsible for a little girl and bought her makeup, a comforter set, throw blanket, nail polish, books, puzzle, duct tape, various outfits, a hair brush accessories kit, etc.

Sam Tingler had a 2 year old boy and got him four outfits that he needed. She also got him winter materials, but for this weather he wouldn’t even need it! He will also receive a warm winter jacket, a basketball hoop, 3 puzzles, art kit, and a stuffed minion. The little boy included in his letter that he loved minions, so that’s what prompted the minion themed items.

The high school did a giving tree, just like many past years. It’s an opportunity for the kids here at the school to give to the less fortunate.  Kids all over the school bring in their extra hats, gloves, scarves or any unopened hygiene items.

Something a student can always bring in and will guarantee to help is tooth brushes and toothpaste. Just providing for the under-privileged is a kind act in itself. No one has to go all out and spend lots of money either.

The giving tree even has a prize for whatever club brought in the most stuff to hang on the giving tree.