Elizabeth parade creates holiday joy

The Christmas parade is a community gathering each and every year. It sets the mood for everyone to get ready for Christmas and the holiday joy. The main reason for the parade is to get a touch of Santa and his wintery appearance.

The parade is a good way to enjoy a day with the family and have the little ones get hyped for Santa Claus coming to town. As a small town, Elizabeth’s parade sets an enchanting mood and creates a joyful spirit for most. Some of the main attractions are the fire trucks with Christmas lights all over them that flash every few seconds. The people in the community also have lights on cars to keep the spirit flowing of Christmas joy. The kids especially love all the candy that is thrown throughout the parade.

Students from Wirt County High School such as Lauren Lamp attended the parade. Lauren Lamp, a senior, said, “I had some of my horses in the parade for people to see and for me to have time with them. We were passing out items during the parade to people that were enjoying the Christmas spirit.” Other students such as Katelyn Jones who also attended the parade enjoy seeing everyone show their spirit. Katelyn said, “The joy of being in the parade is you can see everyone smiling and have a wonderful time with the parade. Also since I am in the parade it is just a great feeling to have all the lights on the vehicles and the kids waiting to see a touch of Santa.”

Everyone is invited to enjoy this day with others because it goes through the city of Elizabeth. Students from Wirt County enjoy the Christmas parade because it is time out of the house to spend time with family.

The Christmas parade is definitely a must go event every year to enjoy the Christmas spirit.