Getting a renewed perspective at WCHS

Ms. Starcher and Joey Loscar smile for the camera while spreading holiday cheer.

Often times we find ourselves unappreciative of what we have. I know I do. As humans, it’s natural to be a little greedy sometimes. As the holiday season approaches, it’s a good time to evaluate what we are thankful for.

After asking junior Joe Powell what he is thankful for this season, he replied, “Without a doubt I am definitely thankful for my friends and family.” If you had asked Joe this question when he was little, he’d probably tell you his race cars.

Now that we are in high school, we’ve all matured and people are expecting us to become aware of the issues around us.

Ally Jones laughs and enjoys the people in her newspaper class.

If you have watched the news or have been on any social media recently, you’ll see all of the violence going on in our world. It’s really sad that at this time of the year when we are supposed to be celebrating a joyous holiday that people are being attacked in their homelands.

The killings in Paris and in America show us just how vulnerable we are sometimes to outside enemies.

When asked as a student, what she thinks of what she could to do help make a difference, junior Rebekah McCloy said, “To make sure that everybody around us is informed about this. A lot of people around here aren’t informed about these issues. I think we should also discuss it as a group.”

It’s important that we stick together during hard times like these. Even the simple things like trying to cheer someone up or keeping a positive attitude can improve the atmosphere around you. If we create a positive atmosphere, we will be able to stray away from arguing or fighting with each other.

Keila Pettry and Sarah Cunningham share a laugh while doing classwork.

Our world has enough violence already, and we don’t need to add to it. Being in a small school, it’s easy to know everyone, but that doesn’t mean we should know everything about them.

At Wirt County High School, I’ve personally seen students do some pretty amazing acts of kindness. Whether it’s helping a person pick up their books or complimenting them, the students at WCHS are good at putting up a positive attitude, even towards outsiders.

We need to keep doing these things and learn to respect others because we may never know what a person is going through. During this holiday season, us students should strive to care for one another and treat others like we want to be treated.