Student hunters slay big bucks

As the days get colder and closer to Christmas break, the anticipation of killing the big buck grows more and more.

The routine is always the same. Get up and get out in the woods early in hope of slaying the big one. Safety is always number one in the woods though. Make sure you’re always wearing your orange and applying hunter safety! Senior Luke Smith says he always enjoys hunting. His favorite deer hunting memory was spent with his best friend Logan Kerby. The duo go hunting together quite frequently and Luke said his favorite memory had to be the time they double shot does. It was early in the morning and extremely cold, and they spent the morning sipping hot chocolate until finally two deer came out. They both shot the two at the same time.

This year the new WV State Record for a deer killed with a gun was contested. The original record dates back to 1994 when a deer was shot and killed in Nicholas County. This year Upshur County native Nick Starkey killed a deer whose antlers scored in at 191 beating the old record by six. The scoring is not yet official but once the horns dry the state will know for sure.

Along with other hunting festivities, this year the Wirt FFA sponsored a Big Buck Contest. The entry fee was $5 per person. There were 13 entries and three winners. The official first through third standings haven’t been released yet and won’t be until the annual FFA deer roast right before Christmas Break. Prizes and awards for the winners are practical things they can use in the future when hunting. Third place will receive a camo stool. Second place a camo stool and toboggan. The overall first place winner will receive the same prizes as first and second place along with a hunting scent kit and in Mr. Workman’s words, “the pride of being the big buck champion.” To go along with the Big Buck Contest there will also be a jerky contest sponsored by the FFA. The entry is $1 per person and the winner takes all of the money entered into the contest.