Senior nominated for West Point

IMG_4400At WCHS, there are a lot of seniors starting to apply to colleges. Recently, one of our local seniors, Seth Kerby, was nominated by Shelley Moore Capito and Joe Manchin to West Point. This is a top honor few are able to achieve.

After being asked how he was nominated, Seth said, “First, I had to fill out an application, and then I was invited to go talk to them. I had to go through a panel. It’s a panel of 3-8 people, and they asked me a lot of questions and interviewed me. I had to answer all of the questions honestly.”

Seth had to work very hard to achieve this though. When asked how long the process took, he responded, “Well, it’s still going on. I started my sophomore year by filling out applications and finding out stuff about all of the academies.”

When a person is nominated, it’s a huge step to being accepted, but it doesn’t mean that Seth will for sure be accepted. He still has to complete a physical test and gather his medical records. Once he passes his physical test, he will have to actually go to West Point in New York to be interviewed.

Fellow students should be proud of Seth and what he has accomplished so far. He deserves the support of WCHS as he goes through this process.