The road to a state championship

Chasing the road to the state championships, the WCHS boys’ basketball team is looking forward to a good year of play and competitiveness. The basketball team, like many seasons before, is being coached by Head Coach Tim Murray, Assistant Coach Ben Moore, Freshman Coach Chase Mills, and Volunteer Coach D. A. Wilson. The basketball team is very confident with their schedule and will hopefully be competing for a Championship this year.

The varsity team has a total twenty-two players. The seniors are Logan Kerby, Tristan Nichols, Luke Smith, Ethan Fleak, Larry Rood, and Jon Hudkins.  The captains this year are Luke Smith and Tristan Nichols. The boys have a lot of tough games ahead of them.

Luke Smith said, “The first game December 9th was an eye opener for the team to determine what is next. The team has a lot of things to work on and plan to get better each practice and day. However, the positives for the team they have become better on ball defenders.”

Player on the freshman and junior varsity team, Seth Suslik said, “The team is doing really well this year with a starting record 1-2. Everyone should play great this year and make a good run. However as a team we need to take less jump shots around the perimeter. We need to worry more on passing the ball and have better communication on defense. Their hardest game was against Webster with a final score 24-66. All of that being said I really enjoy this year since there is a freshman team which gives all of us more play time on the court.”

The boy’s team should have a good year with both varsity and junior varsity. The players seem to enjoy this year despite the changes that have been made  All of the boys are looking at one goal- the state championship.