Tiger Promotions hosts Teachers Got Talent

On November 20th Tiger Promotions came up with a brand new fundraiser called Teacher’s Got Talent. But how did this idea come about? “The idea for Teachers Got Talent was mentioned by one of our team members. It was found by looking up fun ways to get students and teachers involved in a fundraiser,” said the Tiger Promotions team. The fundraiser was for the RSS Marine Moms and the Lance Corporal Joshua Taylor foundation. This group is located in Parkersburg and they raised money to allow the parents of the marines to attend their children’s graduation ceremonies.

Making the show an absolute success, Tiger Promotions has been working on building the show since October. With Teachers Got Talent being a total success, Tiger Promotions also raised a total of $304, which is also including the money that was made from cookie sales. Tiger Promotions was asked “Do you think Teachers Got Talent will be back next year?” The team happily responded with “It is our hope that we have created a legacy for Teachers Got Talent that will become an annual event for years to come.”

So how many students exactly were involved with the setup of Teachers Got Talent? It turns out, Tiger Promotions has a total of 15 students on the team which ever individual of the team was involved with the setup. Putting on such an outstanding show some of the students have wondered, “What was the hardest part of hosting the show?” Well, believe it or not, it turns out the hardest part of hosting it all was trying to get teachers to participate in the show. Was the show actually worth the time though? After being asked if the team had any fun setting up and preparing the show, it turns out they all did have fun “There was definitely a lot of hard work, time, and dedication put into the show, but we had fun.”

Well said team! So finally the team was asked the question of “What was your favorite part of the show?” Was it having an excuse to get out of class to help setup the stage? Was it the laugh that was shared during it all? Or was it because we got to see all our teachers dance and sing on stage? None of the above! “Our favorite part of hosting the show was seeing all the talents that the teachers showcased as well as the fact that we put all of that together to raise money for a good cause and it was successful.” It was such a great show for such a great cause.