Walking in a Winter Wonderland

The Winter Formal hosted by the WCHS Band and Choir was a success. With lots of music, dancing, and food, there wasn’t a person there without a smile on their face. Everyone joined in together and had a blast on the dance floor, showing off their moves to all of the awesome songs that were played.

The Winter Wonderland was decorated beautifully, with snowflakes and pretty colors everywhere. It was obvious that a lot of hard work was put into decorating and putting on this event.

“I thought it was a wonderful opportunity for the band members to show their leadership and organizational skills. I think everyone had a fun night which was the opportunity we had. We could not have pulled this off without Mrs. Smith, Mr. Murray, Mrs. Ferguson, Tessa McAtee, Mr. Davis, all the band Moms, and teacher support. Thanks to everyone we raised $800 for new band uniforms,” said director of the event, Ms. McClung.

Students also put a ton of work into making this happen, by staying after school and having meetings at lunch, there was a lot of thought put into this big event.

“It gave the freshman and sophomores an opportunity in which they don’t get too often. All that mattered is that we had people have fun. I think that our goal turned out great!” Brandi Salsbury said about the formal, being one of the students who helped put this on.

Each student that went looked like they had a fantastic time. “The winter formal was a great experience! The DJ impressed us all with a killer performance. Thanks to everyone who participated for helping to make this year one we will remember for the rest of our lives,” said 11th grade student, Cecil Morrison about his experience at the dance.

This Winter Formal will be a memory that will not be forgotten by each person who participated. Not a single person was ready to leave when it was over. They were having too much fun! Thank you WCHS Band and Choir for putting on such an amazing event. That was an awesome night for each WCHS student who was there. Another high school memory in the books. One that will be cherished forever.

-Hayden Moneypenny