What to expect when you’re expecting… to take the ACT

  • Bring your own watch! Not every room has a clock in it and some of the clocks in the room do not work or aren’t set to the right time. So make sure that if you want to watch your timing, you bring your own watch.
  • Get to your testing place early! It is good to show up about 20 minutes early to find your testing room and get settled in the room. You may want to go the bathroom before testing starts so getting there early will give you time to do that.
  • Bring a snack! During the breaks, there is enough time to eat a quick snack. It is helpful and will give you more energy to keep pushing through the testing. A granola bar or fruit snacks are always easy snacks to have.
  • Chew bubble gum! Believe it or not, it is hard to stay awake during the testing. Having a piece of bubble gum will help keep you awake when your mind is about to crash. Be careful not to chew loudly, though, because even the smallest sound can be distracting to others.
  • Bring a hoodie! Depending on the room you are in, it may be cold which makes it hard for you to concentrate.
  • Don’t stress! Just go and take it. Relax. Although it is one of the most important tests to take for college, stressing will never make it any better. Take a deep breath and do the best you can. That’s all anyone can ask out of you.