2016 Prom Preview

If a WCHS student enjoys glitz and glam, then he or she should definitely attend this year’s prom! This year the theme is Caught in the Moment, a name given for the theme’s elegance and glam to make the attenders feel as if they are never leaving their significant other, friends, or simply prom. To give more detail, the decorations will include diamond pillars, sparkling chandeliers, and color schemes of red, black, white, and silver.

Rather than having a solidified theme to stick to, the 2016 prom committee has a lot of freedom with what they decide to include. At first they struggled to find a theme that would leave a lasting impression, but prevailed to find one never done at WCHS. Of course, the prom committee couldn’t do anything without their class advisors and woman-in-charge Secretary Shawn Ferguson.

When asked how she felt about this year’s prom planning was going, Junior Class President Jessi Lockhart replied, “It’s going better now that we have an idea of what we want. Right now we’re looking at prices and making cuts. I believe we are going to save more money than what we’ll lose and still have a great prom!”

This year’s theme also gives a lot of options to girls when they go to purchase their dresses. Any dress could easily go with the theme and still look stunning. Most girls have already gotten their dresses in the anticipating excitement.

Even though guys don’t get as excited for prom as girls do, they can still enjoy it by having fun goofing off with their friends. They do have to do this in a tux, and some have questioned the comfortability of them.

At the end of the night, it doesn’t matter about how everyone looks or the decorations; it’s really about the memories shared and made with friends that won’t always be around.

prom theme pic
ABOVE: The inspiration for this year’s prom theme.

Here’s what you need to know about WCHS Prom 2016!

Theme: Caught in the Moment

Theme colors: black, red, silver, and white

Ticket Price: Couple ($40) and Single ($25)

Date: April 30th, 2016

Where: WCHS Gym

Starts: 7:00 p.m. (there will be a prom parade)