First Annual Ag Olympics during FFA Week

Time to break out the overalls! National FFA week has come and gone once again. Two females and two males from each club participated in the Ag Olympics and tried to get as many points as possible for their club.

The winners of the Ag Olympics were crowned as King and Queen. So how did the King and Queen feel about being crowned? Drama Club member Kia Sleeseman says “Although there was a lack of team members, I was still pretty excited to be crowned Queen Corn.”

Raze member King Corn Cody Foughty says “It was fun and really cool. I was not expecting to be crowned King Corn, but it was cool.”

Isabelle Pethtel created a sculpture in the fruit and vegetable art competition. She said,“Even though I had probably no experience in everything I did, I still thought it was pretty fun.” Skylar Bogan participated in the hay throwing competition. Although she had fun she commented, “Getting people in my club to do the activities was a little hard.”

Since this was the first Ag Olympics, the FFA put a lot of time and energy into planning out every detail. Mr. Workman said, “I thought it went really well. The kids put a lot of work into it. Looking back I wish we would have rehearsed some of it, so we could know time wise that we were going to run just a little bit short. We had to rush it at the end but overall I think it went really well. I’m very happy all the clubs participated. Everyone seemed to have a good time with it.”

FFA Week

eek had a great turn out. So many students found the best outfits they could find for a particular day and everyone rocked every single outfit. Not only did we have students dress up for certain days, the school bells were also changed to support FFA week. Some bells consisted of animal sounds, and some bells consisted of those good old catchy country songs that get stuck in your head so easily.

The bells may have drove a few people crazy, but it was still fun to listen to and sing along to on the way to your next class. As well as the students, a few of the staff members were also caught singing along to some of the bells. Which is not much of a surprise.

What was your favorite part about FFA week? Was it the fun in deciding what would look best for what days? Or maybe it was those catchy bells you couldn’t help but to sing along to in the hallways. Perhaps, it was watching everyone have fun and laugh during the Ag Olympics.

No matter what your favorite part was, it was fun for everyone and everyone had a chance to have fun with it. Let’s just admit it, whether we are in FFA or not, we all found something really cool about FFA week.