Pi Day Brings Sweet Success

Once again, Mu Alpha Theta’s Pi Day activities set up nicely. Pi Trivia kicked off the festivities to a great start. Every question had relations to the mathematical version of pie. Questions were asked before the teams began with their competitive events. Each club team earned utensils for every question they answered correctly to use in the Pie Making contest. The Pie Making contest may have sounded simple, but the contestants found that this challenge was no piece of cake. Each team had 18 minutes to make the best homemade pie with the supplies they were dealt with. Protractors, sheets of tin foil, graham crackers, half a gallon of milk, pudding mix, and a stick of butter weren’t quite the ideal utensils to make an edible pie. While the bakers were preparing their sweet treats, the Pie Eating contest was well underway. Four teachers stepped up to the plate to demolish their pudding pies. Mr. Workman came out on top by eating his pudding pie in under 3 minutes.

“It was not easy. About ¾ of the way through I wanted to quit, but I couldn’t let a girl beat me. I think my beard gave me an advantage. It held some of the pudding, so I didn’t have to eat as much.”

– Mr. Workman

On the other side of the gym, Levi McVey started off the Pie Auction with $1. The pie that students were bidding on went towards the pie in the face. Shawn Ferguson was the staff member that was voted to get hit with a pie. The bidding was getting intense until Cammi Ferguson raised the bar too high at $17. Putting the attention towards the Pie making contest, the pie makers were finishing up their “scrumptious” desserts. Each club made their pies look decently presentable for the tasting part of the judging. Most of the pies had not yet set up, so it was more like a rich liquid mess.

“Making the crust was the most difficult part, with being allowed to only use one hand. Our pie actually tasted good. It was fun, and I would do it again if I wasn’t a senior.”

– Lily Greenleaf

Mr. McCallister went around to judge. The group that took home the gold with the best tasting and most presentable pie was Mr. Goff and Mrs. Oldfield. They were a part of the “Teacher’s Club”. Their pie was the most sufficient out of them all. You could say that Pie Day was Pi-tastic!