Raze and TATU Spreads Tobacco Awareness

Raze has been a part of WCHS for a long time and continues to spread knowledge about tobacco use. Students who have joined Raze are tobacco users who are making an effort to quit, or they are students against tobacco usage. Some members even choose to be an exclusive member and join TATU.

“Raze is an organization that students can be in and it is a club. Basically what it does, it goes against big tobacco not against the user but against big tobacco companies. We meet on club days and we also do things that are called ‘commotions’. The first semester, we have to have ten commotions and you have to have twenty commotions for the second semester. With that, we get money from the American Lung Association if we do our commotions like we are supposed to. TATU is teens against tobacco use and you cannot be a tobacco user to be in TATU. With this, it goes more in depth to try to educate people on not using and if we people are users how to quit,” said the advisor, Mrs. Dye.

In order to join TATU, you will have to go through a special training to be a member. The special training usually occurs in December.


These are the front and back of the new Wirt TATU shirts that the club has provided for the members.