Spring Sports Jump into Season


WCHS spring sports jump in to the season with excitement as the athletes prepare for the upcoming games and meets. Softball, baseball, track and field all thrive for the best seasons possible by practicing hard these next couple of weeks.

Softball starts out the season with a double header against Tyler Consolidated at the Wirt County Tiger’s home field.  This year the team has 16 girls playing, and the team has a lot of new girls.

Senior captain Mady Hardbarger says, “The new girls are doing extremely well and everybody has surprised me with how good they’re doing.”

The team and coaches see a good outlook in the future for the team, and the possibility of winning Sectionals and regionals this year.

Senior center-fieldsmen Katie Titchenll says, “I’m super excited to see where this season takes us.  If we work hard and want it enough I can see us going very far.”

This year baseball starts out the season with a double header on March 19th at home against Tyler Consolidated. In the previous years, the team has struggled gaining wins, but this year there is a new perspective for the team.

“As long as we can improve every game and peak at the start of playoffs we can realistically knock off Gilmer and advance to regionals. Once that monkey is off our back the sky’s the limit as to how successful we can be,” says Coach Zac Mccallister

This year’s track and field team starts out the season at Roane County High school March 19th. This season is looking good for them as they work hard conditioning to get in the best shape possible.

Senior Logan Kerby says, “We have more athletes out this year than we have had in previous years, and we also have an abundance of potential. With having a good group of hardworking athletes that are looking to better themselves every day, success will come in the future.”

Coach April Petrovsky has built an excellent program over the years this being her X season coaching at Wirt County High school. She says, “So far, the track & field team is looking great!  We have almost 40 members and everyone has a good attitude and is working hard.  It takes a few weeks to get in shape and build stamina for running while also dealing with muscle aches and pains, but the kids are almost there.”

There is a variety of events to participate in with track. Not only can an athlete run, there is jumping, throwing and pole vaulting. There is also events where you run with other people in relay.

“I think we will have a great season if everyone just keeps up the good work and strives to improve every day. The ultimate goal for this season will be taking just as many people or even more to the state meet, but the other goal we always need to keep in mind is beating our own personal record.” Says senior captain Breana Moss.

With hard work, dedication, and teamwork this spring WCHS sports teams will continue to prosper. The school hopes to see some state championships in the near future.