Students Compete in WV Young Writers

Every year English classes prepare to show off their writing skills in the annual WV Young Writers contest. Students across the state challenge one another as to who can write the best story in different categories.

There is both a 9-10 grade entry level as well as an 11-12 grade level. The process begins in the class level.

Students in their own classroom prepare a story that is either 800 to 1000 words or 1000 to 1200 depending on their grade level. Students from Mrs. Petrovsky, Mrs. McCallister, and Ms. Collins’s classes all put forward their best foot and created their best stories.

There were numerous different stories that went on to the school competition. After that, two winners were picked from these outstanding stories.

Our school winner for the 9-10 grades was Sydney Siers whose story’s title was “The Meaning”.

Sydney says, “The story follows the point of view of a teenage boy and where he feels he fits in. His class was assigned a writing assignment to write of what they think they meaning of life is, and the boy himself can’t for the life of him come up with an answer. The story follows the indecisive boy for a time span of a weekend and the trials and tribulations he faces while not knowing where he stands or what life means.”

Brandon Freed was our 11-12 grade winner. His intriguing story was titled “The Ending.”

Brandon’s story starts out with Scott, a 16 year old boy is trying to survive in a disease ridden world. Along with his friend Mary, they are struggling against the disease Necrosis. With zombies everywhere, Scott and Mary are constantly on the move trying to escape the disease filled world.

Sydney and Brandon will compete at the state level for the satisfaction of winning counties and also a grand prize of $100.

The state competition will be held on May 13th along with many workshops to help writers further their skills. We all wish Sydney and Brandon the best of luck at the 32nd WV Young Writers competition in Charleston.