Students Plan for an Eventful Spring Break

With spring break rapidly approaching, many people are preparing for vacation time. From March 28th to April 1st, those going somewhere for spring break will be relishing their last little bit of freedom before the end of the school year.

Some students are using their spring break for sports. Other students are using their time to go on a family escapade.

Then, there are other students who plan on sleeping in and staying home. Some select to stay home, others do not.

Skylar Bogan said this about her upcoming plans. “On March 25th and 26th, we will be going to North Marion for a softball tournament.”

Skylar also mentioned: “We went last year and stayed in a hotel. We beat North Marion by mercy rule on their home field.” Skylar said that Wirt County has a good reputation when competing in the tournament.

We also spoke with Loden Campbell about her trip to Canada. “I am most excited to go to Niagara Falls, and go on the Maid of the Mist, which goes behind the water of the waterfall. I have never seen Niagara Falls before. I am also excited to go with my best friend, Isabelle.”

Loden mentioned that they are staying in a hotel in Canada where they can see both sides of the waterfall.

Many people are excited to go to some very interesting places and participate in many different activities. After spring break, we will return to school and finish out the remaining two months of the year.