The Growing World of Video Games

Spring weather is a time most people think about going outside and enjoying the warm weather. Some students, kids, and young adults though enjoy staying indoors and grinding out video games.

Video gaming is a growing community of its own in the world of sports besides actual communities and organization such as ESPN, FOX Sports, Golf Channel. This sport is growing especially with young teens because they love to go home and enjoy playing online video games with their friends and be able to gossip and just blow off steam from a long day at school.

Teens play games up to 6 hours a day and 30 hours a week. The hours and time spent on video games is normally what a person might spend outdoors or going on a trip to somewhere new and exploring the world. Video games have a system that makes game enthusiasts thrive for completion in a new game and to beat a new world record which adds competition to anyone who takes the challenge.

Most teenagers that have no after school activities tend to go and ask friends or even go and hang out with friends that try to do challenges with one another. Since they have nothing better to do why not try and beat them in a game. It is a bit of a self-esteem builder when you beat a friend and they ask “How did you do that?” Also when you beat a challenge on a game that friends simply cannot beat no matter how hard they try to adds a little to your ego.

However students that do have school activities or family activities after school are normally involved but not limited to sports or clubs that involve getting outside. Outdoors you have the environment to be your play game such as gamers think when playing in an open world game.

Danny Murphy, a student from Wirt County High School, says that gaming is a fun hobby to do because it gets his mind off all the drama and he can relax and do what he wants to. Danny thinks that the outdoors are just as good. He stated, “There is nothing better than going fishing and catching a fish on a nice day with a little bit of breeze.” Danny also said, “Gaming is just an activity you do when the weather is bad, and you can’t go outside and enjoy the fresh air

Gaming and spring activities go hand-in-hand it seems like no matter what you can find time to play games or go outside and enjoy the nice days spring weather presents you with. Mr. Harvey said that he normally takes care of his son when he is on spring break. When asked whether he tends to play games or go outdoors in the spring, Mr. Harvey said “I play my games when I can and get a chance to play them.”

Regardless whether you stay indoors to play games or outdoors to do yard work or activities, everyone has their own taste of what they want to do during spring. Most importantly, enjoy whatever you do.