YLA stepping the game up


A penny auction was held to help provide the money for YLA’s club trip at the end of the year. Each member of the club was given twenty-five tickets to sell, resulting in fifty dollars each hit. There were two prizes to be given among the ticket winners, $100 and a movie basket provided by the fellow members.

Each member was asked to contribute in bringing items for the basket. The basket was movie themed, to attract buyers of all ages. It consisted of movies, candy, popcorn, popcorn bowls, and much more! Each ticket had a certain amount the buyer had to pay, and that was a chance in the bucket to win one of the two prizes.

Advisor Angie Cox said, “I see the Penny Auction as a way for kids to ‘earn their way’ on a club trip-with service hours of course.” The prices on the tickets were from one penny to three dollars, which was just the chance buyers had to take.

Amy Braden had to say the following, “I love how all of the YLA members are really coming together and participating. I have seen quite a few members asking questions, and involving themselves outside of the group.” It has been predicted the outcome of sales will pay for the entire bus cost. YLA members have put a lot of time and effort into selling.

February’s meeting had a tie-day party with the YLA t-shirts they purchased. According to Traci Sears, “The party was a blast. It allowed everyone to get involved.’’ The dye was provided by adviser Angie Cox. It allowed the members to spruce up a club meeting. From tank tops, to underwear, to socks and tees, they dyed it all. Quoted from Shane Boyce, “It was a blast, I had a great time with everyone, acting as a family group.”

Youth in Government takes place in the Capitol on April 22nd through April 24th. Members of YLA research a certain topic and decide to take action with it. They present their reasons as to why the said law should be changed or put into place.

The members must decide on one topic they feel needs to happen and present a valid reasoning behind it was well. It can be small effects, or large laws that could possibly go into effect in the real world. According to Amanda Isenhart, “Youth and Government is a good way to see how things at that level work and also it gives us a chance to get our bills passed.”

The attendees are: Jakob Henderson, Hayden Moneypenny, Caitlin Cottrell, Kaitlyn Thompson, Addie Bailey, Zinnia Lynch, and Amanda Isenhart. They must memorize the information they researched, but they can have a notecard for back up. On April 22 the members will check into a hotel, and get their schedules as to where they need to be. They will board the buses the morning of the 23rd to arrive at the Capito, to begin their mock legislation. Members must be dressed up and presentable, as they persuade the viewer’s ears.