Tiger Softball Starts Strong, Then Falters

This year’s softball team started off strong; however, the team did hit a bump in the road and ended up with a record of 9-15. Hoping the team does better next year Coach Hill says, “They didn’t play too well, but they did try their best.” With the team having only two senior girls on the team (Mady Hardbarger and Katie Tichnell), Coach Hill is also hoping the girls “take this year as a learning experience and apply it so that they can have a better outcome next year”.

Senior Katie Tichnell was asked what she thought about this year, she replied with “I’m not too thrilled with our record but I think we worked together very well. I’m not too sure how but something just didn’t add up in the end.” Thinking the team could have done better as a team this year, she is very proud of all the girls on the team and all the effort put into the games. The Echo staff asked Katie, “What would your advice be for next year’s new players?” She responded with, “Try to get along with everyone, the better you get along with your team the better your season will be and the team will be much happier with each other.”

Last but not least, Mady Hardbarger asked what she thought about this season, she kindly replied with “I do think we should have done better. We played some very tough games but we lost some that we most definitely should have won.” So it must have been a challenging season, but just how challenging was this year for the team? Mady says “It was a little bit of a struggle, there were a couple positions that needed filled and we just couldn’t find the right people to play those spots.” She went on to say,“I will miss it for sure. I’m going to miss playing softball and the girls I’ve played the sport with growing up.”