Farewell, 2016 Seniors

Every year there is a different senior class, and each year the senior class has a different “personality.” Maybe it’s the talkative class or the funny class that makes an impression on the teachers, but this year’s senior class has a certain amount of creativity and closeness that WCHS hasn’t really seen before.

Teachers often get the best perspective of a class of students just by teaching them and working with them. Teacher Mrs. McCallister who has nearly all of the seniors in class says, “This year’s senior class started out as really strong academically, but they’ve definitely had some senioritis here at the end. This group was never afraid to speak their mind or stand up for something they believed in. I will miss every single one of them.”

The comment most commonly heard within a conversation between seniors is how they either  can’t wait to get out of high school and start their lives or how they never want to leave high school and take on responsibilities. Some remain neutral and are excited for their future, yet they are going to miss all of the memories they made at WCHS.

When asked about his high school experience as a whole, Senior Trace Copen said, “It was great overall, but it went by super fast.”

As the graduating class walks across the stage, many underclassmen look on in either fear or worry in disbelief that in a few years they will be following their footsteps. Many underclassmen look up to the seniors as role models or friends and hope to have a fun high school experience such as they did.

Senior Vice President Brittney Raines leaves advice to the underclassmen by saying, “Senior year flies by so take every moment in. Definitely do your work and finish early, and fill out as many scholarships as possible.”

The Class of 2016 will have much to offer the world including engineers, military men and women, and artistic minds. WCHS will have a hard time forgetting the paw prints this senior class left within the halls and will hopefully find another class like it soon. The Class of 2016 will be greatly missed by all of the underclassmen and staff at Wirt County, and they won’t be easily forgotten.