Future Law-makers in Action

On the weekend of April 22nd, seven YLA members made their way to Charleston for a weekend at the capitol at Youth in Government. During this weekend, students from different YLA delegations take over the capitol to hold a mock student legislation.  There are many different roles you can do this weekend. You can be an officer, lobbyist, bill author, attorney, or part of the student governor’s cabinet.

The Wirt County students were all bill authors. Caitlin Cottrell and Kaitlyn Thompson were partners with a bill about underage drinking venues. Hayden Moneypenny and Jakob Henderson were partners with their bill about road restrictions during a state of emergency. Amanda Isenhart and Zinnia Lynch were partners and had a bill about the emancipation of 16 or older teen mothers from their parents.

Each bill was very successful and required a lot of hard work. Caitlin and Kaitlyn’s bill made it to the house floor which is an awesome accomplishment in the Youth in Government world. Jakob and Hayden’s bill passed through the senate floor and was signed by the youth governor. Their bill could now possibly go onto the real legislative floor.

“It’s so much fun to ‘take over the capitol’ for the weekend at Youth in Government. You learn so much in a small amount of time by creating a bill and presenting it to your peers from around the state. This program allows teens to learn about our state’s government in a more in depth look,” said Kaitlyn Thompson, junior YLA member at Wirt County High School. Overall, this weekend was filled with fun, success, and memories.