Out with the old, in with the new

When it comes to the saying “in with the old, out with the new”, Wirt County High School has been living by it this year. The amount of change the school has gone through physically has been bittersweet, but we all know it was for the best.

When it comes to changes, the gym and library have experienced the most of it. Asking Coach Hickman what his thoughts were about the gym, he stated “I think by taking out the tiles and painting the ceiling, I think it gives the gym a more professional look especially when we are hosting athletic events.”

“They’re putting LED lights in, taking the tiles out from the ceiling and painting it black while putting an orange stripe under the black,” said Coach Hickman about the changes within the gym.

The gym will be finished by graduation, and the students are eager to see the finished look.

When asked about the new changes to the library, Librarian Mrs. Oldfield replied, “New shelving, painted accent walls to draw attention to a new MAKERSPACE (MAKERSPACE will be added over the summer).”

She had also mentioned a big thanks to Mr. Lacey’s classes who had helped with the installation, moving the shelves, and helping with anything they could. When walking into the new library, it had more of a fresh and modern look and the colors made it have more of a vibrant atmosphere.