Prom 2016: Caught in the Moment

Prom 2016 had everyone caught in the moment. With a theme full of glitz and glam, it made each couple sparkle in their own way. Keeping it classy with the roses and sparkles was the goal for the Wirt County Prom Committee. The diamond chandelier lit up the dance floor and put the spotlight on every couple. Each prom goer was given a customized champagne glass that matched the prom theme. The desert bar consisted of cookies, cupcakes, and countless other delicious pastries. There were also two fountains that poured lemonade and sweet tea for the ones that worked up a thirst on the dance floor.



The night started off with a change of plans due to rain. Instead of having the traditional walk-out on the senior steps, the rain forced everyone inside in the auditorium. Each couple lined up and was given a moment on the stage to show off their snazzy attires to the crowd.


Speaking of snazzy attires, 2016’s Prom style is definitely one for the books. The dresses varied from sleek and classy to loud and fun. There were dresses with floral patterns, bright colors, and patterns made out of decorative diamonds. Right across the dance floor, you could see and elegant gowns flowing and shining alongside the shimmering decor. Each prom goer’s look was different from the next, and everyone looked like royalty. Donald Sheppard was the DJ this year and he started off with a classic line dance to get everyone moving on the dance floor. The room filled with energy and excitement; Prom 2016 had officially begun. This year’s Prom 2016 King & Queen titles were given to Cameron Nelson and Taylor Deuley. They both received a crown and sash to represent their royalty, and also had the traditional King and Queen slow dance.


“I thought that prom went really great, but I was bummed out that it started raining. Getting pictures with Dalton was my favorite part of the day. I had a great time dancing with Dalton and my friends. I felt like my senior prom was great and it turned out exactly how I wanted it to be. ” – Jordan Enoch


“I loved everything about prom. I had a good time dancing with my date. The decorations looked really nice. I was nervous when I had to walk out in front of everyone in the auditorium, but overall I thought prom was fun and exciting.” – Ryan Campbell


“Prom was pretty good for my senior year. Dancing with my beautiful date was my favorite part. I was very surprised, but honored to be crowned 2016 Prom King. It was a lot of fun and I couldn’t ask for a better evening.” – Cam Nelson
With the music blaring, the students danced the night away. Hours of good times came to a close at 11 PM when DJ Sheppard announced the last song for the evening. The prom goers left in a happy daze, already reminiscing on the evening they just experienced. They scattered to their cars and fled the scene, ready to finish off prom night. It was evident all the students had a magical night that will forever be embedded in their high school memories.