Seniors Give Back

Every year seniors are required to take on the task of a Senior Service Project. There are an infinite amount of ideas students can choose from. Some choose to do their project at the school while others take on the task at other places throughout the community.

Brady Ohrn, Allie Bailey, Cassie Williams, Katie Tichnell, and Lee Sims decided to spruce up the park a little. On May 14, the five group members hosted an all-day volleyball tournament at WCHS to raise money for a new net to place at Sportsman’s Park. They estimate the volleyball net to cost approximately $150.

When interviewed, Brady Ohrn said this, “Our original plan was to create a sand volleyball court, however since it would be in the flood zone we are not putting in the sand. The fundraiser will consist of a Reverse Fours Volleyball Tournament where each team pays $40 to enter. After the tournament, we will be purchasing the net and putting it up the next day.”

On May 16, a group of six seniors painted the Senior Parking Lot lines as well as in front of the board office and library on their morning off during testing. The six seniors consisted of Caleb Winnell, Sam Tingler, Mady Hardbarger, Chris Carter, Rochelle Parker, and Lakyn Summers.

Before they could paint the lines, they had to first raise the money to complete the task. The group held numerous fundraisers to be able to purchase their supplies. They first held a car wash and raised $208 dollars, had a 50/50 drawing at school for their teachers which raised $50, sponsored a hat day which brought in $32, and also took donations.

When asked why they choose this as their senior project Caleb Winell responded, “The lines are faded and people are parking in places that aren’t parking spots. People are also pulling in and pulling out of the wrong ways so we wanted to fix that.”

Mary Kerby, Cammi Ferguson, and Lilly Greenleaf also decided to help out the school with their project. Their contribution consisted of sewing tablecloths to form drapes for prom. The trio choose to do this project considering the junior class was looking for someone to help them form drapes for the prom while they were focused on all the other decorations.

Mary Kerby explained the process, “During our free periods at school, we pinned and sewed the tablecloths for the prom committee. This was fulfilling because I knew that by completing the task, I would help relieve the stress off of the juniors, as well as supply our school with a lasting set of drapes that would be free of cost for the future proms. Truthfully, this project was actually fun, and I gained a greater appreciation for contributing my services for people in need, whether it be great or small.”

Another service project consisted of the duo of Dalton Bell and Jordan Enoch who gave up their time to interact with Preschoolers and teach them a few things. The two set off for the Primary Center with a flat of flowers and enough 4 inch pots for each kid in the class.

Dalton and Jordan taught the young kids the importance of agriculture in our society. The children all had the opportunity to choose their flower and pot it themselves. Dalton commented this about their trip there, “They listened well and seemed like they enjoyed it. My favorite part was planting the flowers with them and seeing them actually getting their hands in the dirt.”

Luke Smith and Logan Kerby volunteered their time at the Elizabeth Volunteer Fire Department while Amy Braden and Shayna Lowe planted flowers in front of the Elizabeth Woodyard Library for all to see.

Katelyn Jones, Lauren Lamp, Zoee Hurst, and Robert Harris all went riding on Dutchman Road and picked up trash while having fun doing so.

Breana Moss and Cam Nelson decided to build and create a long jump pit. They raised $140 dollars to put towards the sand pit. Cam and Bre both long jump for the track team and decided together that a long jump pit would be very beneficial for everyone involved.

When asked why they chose this project, Cam said, “I want to benefit track teams in the future and help everyone out.”

Whether the project was big or small, the community has gained from it and we thank our seniors for their time and contribution.


-Katie Frazier