Seniors Receive Academic and Athletic Scholarships

College is one of the most important times in the life of a young adult. Although paying for college can be stressful, individuals who go above and beyond in everything they do receive scholarships and grant money.

Scholarships are a form of assistance with tuition that can be expended on books, or even food. Some scholarships, such as the West Virginia PROMISE scholarship is one that is only good for in-state tuition.

One can qualify for the West Virginia PROMISE scholarship by taking the ACT. With the ACT, you must receive a composite score of at least 22, with a sub-score of 20 in everything. The dates for the ACT and registration can be found on

Some scholarships can also be distributed by large corporations, small-town businesses/organizations, or by individuals who sponsor them. Athletic scholarships are given by the college of attendance.

We spoke with Seth Kerby about his future attendance at West Point, located in West Point, New York.

“I will be very excited to go to West Point to start schooling beginning on June 27th. I am very excited to experience something new.”

Seth was also questioned about the cost of tuition and how he will be paying for his enrollment and what he plans to do while he is there.

“I will not be paying anything because at West Point, college is free but is repaid with military service. While I am at West Point, I am also looking to join their baseball team.”

Senior Brady Ohrn also gave us his input about attending college this fall.

“I will be going to the Honor’s College at WVU. The requirements for attending Honor’s College at WVU are having a 25 on the ACT and maintaining a 3.8 Grade Point Average throughout high school.”

Brady also mentioned that WVU is the best, and at the Honor’s College at WVU, attendees get better dorms and a better learning environment.

College is a very exciting time, but it is not cheap. As you can see, there are some prospective students who will be looking to reduce the price of college as much as possible.IMG_7170