WCHS Volleyball Serving Success

IMG_7300.JPGWith the success still radiating from last year’s state championship victory, the WCHS volleyball girls are back at it again. Since last season the girls have picked up 5 new players. 4 freshmen, and 1 junior.

The team is being led by the junior players: Katie Frazier, Emily Cottrell, Taylor Anderson, Haley Moore, Loden Campbell, and Mahala Greenleaf. However, the volleyball girls aren’t letting the fact of having no senior players hold them back. Their record is 19 wins and 6 losses.

When asked about leading the team as a junior, Katie Frazier said, “There are six of us whom share the responsibility. No one sees the title of being a captain as a big deal. We all view that every job is just as important on the court and something as meaningless as a captain isn’t going to ruin our chances.”

The team has won both quads they have played so far this season. The first quad was LKC’s at Roane, and the second was placements at home. The volleyball girls even broke up rival school, Williamstown’s, undefeated record.

“Who knows,” says Frazier when asked if this team would lead to another champion team, “Last year’s state championship was very unexpected. Volleyball along with all sports is a game of possibility. Depending on if things fall our way or not. We’re just going to keep working hard and working towards our goal and hope the outcome is in our favor.”

It shows that the Wirt County volleyball girls do work hard and they work together. They fill the role as teammates on and off the court.

“The bond of the team is always good. We don’t put up much with drama and we know what is expected on and off the court amongst each other. We look back at last year and realize our chemistry together was one of the main reasons we won and we want to keep that going,” comments Frazier on the tight knit connection the team holds.

The girls are working together and working their hardest to achieve their goal and have a successful season.

– Sydney Siers