Wirt Golf Expands, Experiences a Growing Year

The Wirt County golf team has done better than they expected this year. Some of this success might have come from the new members of the team. They also succeeded by keeping their heads up while facing tough teams.

This year the team has five seniors that will leaving next year. This seniors are Alex Sears, Cody Foutty, Austin Stutler, Dakota Booth, and Brendan large. They are also accompanied by two freshman: Kyler Carper and Tyler Booth.

Above Cody Foutty is mid-swing at the Mingo Bottom Golf Course. 


Senior Alex Sears seems to be impressed with the young teammates. “I’m excited for them because they really worked hard and challenged the seniors to get better. Freshman Kyler Carper impressed Coach Jones by placing within the top four on the team.”

When asked how the season went, senior Austin Stutler replied with, “There were ups and downs but this is by far the best season we have had in a while. We started great tying for first place in the LKC scramble and placed in the top three in most of our major tournaments.

The Wirt County golf team placed 4th at Regionals on September 26th. Here are the stats: Austin Stutler shot an 81, Alex Sears 87, Kyler Carper 93, and Cody Foutty 96. This made the team score a 261. Austin Stutler will be representing our school at the state contest.

Austin Stutler was asked, “How do you feel about going to states?” He replied with, “I’m happy that I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to states. It’s one of those things that you always dream about. But you have to be willing to put in the time to make it. I’m planning on going up there and representing our region well but I’m also going to take the time to have fun with it.”

Coach Jones has coached the golf team for many years now. All the players look up to him. Alex Sears ended with saying this about his coach, “We really appreciate all the time and effort that Coach Jones puts into the team. He’s been a great mentor to all of us.”

–Sarah Cunningham