Fuel Behind The Fire

School spirit is the fuel behind the fire. Without school spirit, the sports teams would severely lack work ethics.

When senior Shane Boyce was asked what gave him school spirit, he replied with “Before the game I look around the locker room at all my brothers, and look at our heart and effort taken out at practice to lead us to that day. All the sweat, pain and hard work put into it all. We go out every Friday night ready to have one heck of a game and give it our all (my brothers, even blood brother). I also have a picture of my brother Chase in my locker to pray.”

Each and every student in Wirt County High School will have a different motive to give them school spirit and pride in the sports and the name we have earned over years.



Potentially a different approach would allow the thrive we need to flow through the students at Wirt County High School. The idea of cheerleaders, the band and all the football players running the halls before a game to get everyone pepped up has been mentioned a time or two. This could be formed to replace a pep rally, and let the work put in be shown throughout the halls. Pride and praise works hand in hand, without praise sports teams wouldn’t have pride.

According to freshman Angie Valentine, “it would be a great way to get everyone pumped up before games.”

School spirit is the positive attitude teachers and students have about their school in general. It is not just based off sports. The spirit we show, helps bring different groups of students together as one and unites a school. The whole school having school spirit would allow each individual to have a purpose and pride within the school district they are at. We are ONE WIRT.