Conservative vs. Liberal: The New President-Elect?

The Presidential election has just recently wrapped up, with a lot of drama and news stories being published in the meantime. With Donald Trump as the new President-Elect, tons of controversy has been stirring in the media. Reporters Sydney Siers (L) and Jakob Henderson (C)  continue their discussion from opposing sides.

Conservative: I am pleased with the results of the election. Throughout the course of the entire debate process, many people have bashed Donald Trump in the media, and not actually seen what he had stood for. In all reality, Donald Trump has agreeable policies, if people can look past his outspoken nature. On Election Day, many people went into the polls undecided. Those people who chose to elect Donald Trump last second are a partial reason why Mr. Trump won. The citizens of the United States decided to glance at the corrupt past of the other candidate and try something new. Republican candidate Donald Trump is now the president-elect, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Liberal: I have never been a Trump supporter and I firmly stand against him, but I cannot undo the choice that the majority of America has made. Donald Trump is the President-elect and opposing viewpoints cannot change that. Thus, I must begin accepting what is to come. Although, I will admit, I find it interesting how Trump has changed or somehow altered some of the policies he advertised during the campaign. Maybe Trump isn’t as villainous as he projected himself to be? Perhaps it was just a scam to put his name into the media?

Conservative: I wouldn’t necessarily call it a “scam” to put his name into the media, but by gathering attention and placing it on himself, Donald Trump actually made a wise decision. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be the newest president-elect? I wholly believe that Donald Trump will do a great job in office and focus on the big issues that needed taken care of yesterday.

Liberal: He has already begun to choose his cabinet for his term in office and has also begun to act on some of his policies. With how he has twisted his policies since he was elected, there may be a positive outcome. But with the cabinet he has chosen, the likeliness of that outcome diminishes more.

With Donald Trump as the President-Elect, there is always bound to be controversy. Nonetheless, there is nothing we can do about his upcoming Presidency term. No matter your political party, the next four years are bound to be interesting.