Lady Tigers Improve for a Better Season

The Lady Tigers Basketball team kicked off the season versus St. Mary’s with a home opener. The team consists of Cori Hughes, Sarah Cunningham, Caitlin Cottrell, Loden Campbell, Taylor Anderson, Morgan Wagner, Haylie Anderson, and Sydney Woods.

The Varsity starters this year are Cori Hughes, Sarah Cunningham, Caitlin Cottrell, Loden Campbell, and Taylor Anderson. These five varsity starters are all returning players, so they each have experience.

The team welcomed one new freshman, Sydney Woods. Sydney played basketball in middle school so she has experience going to the net as well.

As well as introducing the new freshman, the girls also introduced a new coach: Mike Hughes. Coach Hughes has always helped with the basketball team, but this year he gets to demonstrate his knowledge and help the girls reach their full potential with the Head Coach status. Mike is also the dad of senior player Cori Hughes.

Cori talked  about the new season: “We have a really tough schedule this year, and we only have 8 girls on the team. Yet, I think we’ve gotten a lot better since last year. Several people and coaches who have watched us play have said it’s the best they have seen us play in a few years. We’re gonna have to work harder than anyone if we want to win some games this year, but I’m excited to see how this season goes for us.”

The leading three point shooter Cori Hughes is having an excellent year, making a whopping 23 points in the home game against Roane County. Loden Campbell also seems to be having an impressive year, scoring 10 in the same game.

Morgan Wagner was asked how she feels about the team this year: “Only having 8 girls is tough, but I’m very excited to see where we go this season. We might not have a great start so far, but so many fans and coaches have said we have gotten better. I can’t wait to finish off the season with everyone we have and beat the odds everyone has against us.”

When Loden was asked about her opinion in basketball this year, she said the following: “I’m extremely proud of my team for how much we have improved from last year to this year. Cori is a great three point shooter who can hit it from almost anywhere downtown. Sometimes as a team we struggle, but we will figure out a way to get past it.”

With hopeful team members and hard work, the Lady Tigers basketball team is looking forward to the rest of the year.