New traditions at WCHS

When something new comes to WCHS, students can either be welcoming or totally reject the idea. The new Friday Lunch Hour introduced by the new assistant principal Mr. Oldfield has gotten mostly positive reactions from the student body.

“I feel like the Friday Lunch Hour is a way to bring in better opportunities into the high school itself and give us an opportunity to do stuff we didn’t get to do before,” said Junior Nora Kelley.

Nora Kelley participates in the Christmas ornament crafts in the library during the first Friday Lunch Hour.

Nora also elaborated on how the classes interacted and it allowed the freshmen to learn how to act respectfully when given more freedom.

Each Friday students are given an hour lunch rather than the usual 30 minutes they get on a regular day. The four classes are combined for this lunch period and are offered different activities to spend their free time one once they have eaten lunch. The lunch line is opened until 11:45 which relieves the pressure off of students to immediately get into line.

Senior Stephen Cunningham takes advantage of having the classes mixed to sit with some freshmen friends. 

During this time, students are permitted to have free range of the commons area, library, cafeteria, gym, and auditorium. In each area there are different activities being held to keep students entertained. The past two Fridays there have been Christmas ornament crafts held in the library, and last Friday there was a movie shown in the auditorium. The gym is open to intramural sports between the classes which is being organized by Mr. Hill.

Senior Troy Craft directs a basketball game with underclassmen Kaleb Galloway and Shaun Husk.

Junior Jenny Burroughs spent her Friday Lunch Hour making Christmas ornaments in the library and commented on how they were her favorite activity to do during the hour.

The purpose of the Friday Lunch Hour is to give teachers a 30 minute period to collaborate on making themselves better as teachers. They also work to know their fellow staff members better and share ideas on how to better the school. The goal is to better the school as a whole and make it more enjoyable for students and teachers.