SLT Sponsors The Giving Tree

Tis’ the season for giving! The SLT (Student Leadership Team) is hosting a Giving Tree contest! Each DG will be a part of the competition to donate items for Skylar Bogan’s shoebox fundraiser for the homeless. Skylar is needing domestic items for her shoeboxes and the SLT has come up with a contest to help her gain items.


Toothbrushes    – 1 point

Rain Poncho     – 2 points

Hand warmers  – 3 points

Scarfs               – 4 points

Fleece Blankets – 5 points

*Students are more than welcome to bring other items that would be beneficial to the program. Though, keep in mind that points will vary on other items brought in.

Each student will bring in their items to DG and once a class has collected a mass of donations, they will be placed on and around the Christmas tree in the commons area.

The winning DG receives a prize of an ice cream party and getting into lunch early. The party will be held on December 21st and students will be dismissed early throughout that week for lunch.

As you gather with your friends and family, remember to keep those in mind who may need a little extra love this season. Happy Holidays!