Tigers Dominate Ritchie County Duals

Wrestlers from Wirt County High are extremely dedicated. Practices after school are just not enough for some of them. Many of the wrestlers go to Planet Fitness before school starts to get in an extra workout. Maintaining weight, gaining muscle, and keeping good technique is the key of bringing in the wins.

Starting off the first day at the Ritchie County Duals Tournament, Hunter Moore and several others brought pride to Wirt County as they wiped the mats with all wins. Six out of the fourteen wrestlers went undefeated: Cole Cheuvront, Ian Smith, Hunter Moore, Aaron Life, Joe Powell, and Mike Burns.

Returning senior Aaron Life finished the Dual with also being awarded with the Most Outstanding Wrestler Award.


With the team gaining four new freshman, Caleb Knopp was the only one without a wrestling background, finishing with a record of 4-1. Returning sophomores Glen McFee and Wyatt Powell finished the tournament strong. Wirt County was untouchable with the following scores:

Wirt 42 – Grafton 33

Wirt 71 – St. Mary’s 6

Wirt 55 – Ritchie 24

Wirt 58 – RC Byrd 12

Wirt 72 – All Stars 6

Wirt 72 – Doddridge 6

Wirt 60 – Buffalo 18

Coach Danny Life said, “The Ritchie County Duals Tournament was a good start for our young team. My coaching staff learned many things we need to improve on. Our wrestlers looked good, but still have much to improve on. Mainly I’m proud of our sportsmanship and heart. These boys have huge hearts. They can succeed in anything they set their minds to.” With Danny being a very proud coach, the team celebrates with having 102 takedowns.


Freshman Colton Whipkey said, “It was a lot harder matches and not knowing if you’re going to get an upperclassman. The matches are long too. Our focus is February so all the other tournaments are like another practice, just with a different person and team. But February is our main focus because it has the LKC, states, and regionals.”

Support our team at the next Tournament at JCI Millwood National Guard on December 17.