What’s Your Christmas Tradition?

Throughout the years, there are many traditions being passed through generations of families, and with each one there is always something unique. Whether it’s having your grandma’s “made with love” fruit cake that you end up using as a door stop or splitting the wishbone of the Thanksgiving turkey, traditions are a must. To get an insight of the different types of traditions at WCHS, I interviewed a few students and asked them what their family does for Christmas and here were the results.

Hunter Hickman (Freshman)


“We have family board game night in the living room on Christmas Eve, and whoever wins, gets to open up a present.”

Alli Enoch (Sophomore)


“We open up a present on Christmas Eve, but my mom always has to pick it in case I open up a really good one. It’s usually pajamas.”

Devan Barker (Junior)


“Our tree topper is an angel that I made in the 2nd grade and we’ve used it since.”

Ian Smith (Junior)


“Well, we have homemade ornaments that my siblings and I made in preschool that we hang up on the tree every year. We also eat cabbage on Christmas dinner with change in the bowl, and whoever eats all their cabbage, gets all the change. I’ll carry that tradition through my family as well.”