Students learn about pi the fun way

Every year Mu Alpha Theta hosts Pi Day each year as a fundraiser for the club. Pi Day is held on March 14th because of the first three numbers of pi being 3.14. This event takes several weeks of preparation as the members of the honorary club come together to promote math in a fun way.

Traditions from the previous year’s Pi Day were taken and new ones are added. This year students were given the last period of the day to enjoy the festivities. Three events were organized and held this year to celebrate the irrational number: a pie making contest, a pie eating contest, and a pie-in-the-face competition. A point system was created to determine which club would take home the pi symbolled plaque.

The pie making contest has been a success in the past few years. Two competitors from each club are challenged with making a pie with limited supplies and tools. Each group was given a pie pan, a graduated cylinder, a ruler, a bowl of whipped cream, pie flavoring, graham crackers, milk, a protractor, and a stick of butter. The duos had fifteen minutes to make a pie on stage while other events went on. When they finished, Mrs. Smith judged each of the pies looks. This year’s winners were YLA in first, FFA in second, and Raze in third.

Partners Kayli Hughes and John Thompson work diligently to create their winning pie.

In previous years teachers were chosen to eat the pies for the pie eating contest because of state food regulations, but this year students were allowed to compete. A student from each club was nominated to compete. The rules were the competitors could only use their faces which means no hands and a messy face. This year’s winner was sophomore Dakota White.

Dakota White poses for the camera with his messy face from winning the pie eating competition. 

The last event of the day is the pie-in-the-face competition between the teachers. Students were challenged in the weeks before Pi Day to put money into jars for which club advisor they wanted to get pied in the face. This year’s teacher was a surprise to the crowd because it was the beloved Mrs. McCallister. Shortly after Mrs. McCallister was pied, a surprised pie-ing of Mr. Walker happened by one of the Mu Alpha Theta members.

Mrs. Petrovsky laughs with Mr. Walker and Mrs. McCallister after they get pied in the face. 

The day closed with YLA being the winner of Pi Day and receiving the plaque. Lots of hard work was put into the day by the Mu Alpha Theta members, and the student body greatly appreciated the fun out of class time.

President of Mu Alpha Theta, Alex Sears, said, “All of the participants seemed like they were having a blast, and Mr. Walker absolutely loved his pie in the face. There were a lot of people who participated in putting money in the teachers’ jars, and we are thankful for them for doing that.”