FFA Travels to Beef Expo

The Wirt County FFA Chapter has been doing some great things that are being noticed by members of the community. One of the activities they have participated in is the Ohio Beef Expo. The Ohio Beef Expo is an annual event which hosts multiple sales for cattle and is the premier event for Ohio’s beef industry. On average, the Ohio Beef Expo attracts over 30,000 participants.

When Sydney Woods was asked about  the Ohio Beef Expo, she said, “It was fun. We watched a cattle show and a bull showcase. We ate caramel apples and bananas, and I bought a hat. There were many opportunities to be involved.”

The Ag Olympics was a success, and Sydney also stated: “The Ag Olympics was a lot of fun. It gave clubs the chance to be able to bond. It was great to be involved in it, especially with some people I have never talked to before.”

During FFA Week, our FFA chapter also went to Wirt County Primary Center and read farm-themed books to the kids.

Another event that the Wirt FFA Chapter is going to be taking part in is the West Virginia Beef Expo at Jackson’s Mill. This one is a lot more exciting for the participants because they are actually competing.

“You compete on a four person team, and compete in ten different classes. You name equipment, meat cuts, feed ingredients, cattle grading, and forage identification. Then you judge in bull and breeding cattle. Each chapter can bring more than one team, so there will probably be more than 40 chapters there. Once it is over, the kids will eat, and go look around. There are different vendors, and the West Virginia Cattlemen sell Ribeye sandwiches that are top of the line,” Mr. Workman said.

FFA will be competing in CDEs (Career Developmental Events) in June and September. CDEs are the contests that members study and prepare for months at a time. Some of the contests FFA competed in during the past few years are Entomology, Plant Pathology, Forestry, Dairy and Milk Products, Poultry, Agribusiness, Floriculture, and Livestock Judging. The Wirt County FFA Chapter has high expectations and will get the chance to experience new, fun things.