Karaoke Breaks Out During Lunch

Recently, Wirt County High School has switched to one hour lunch on Fridays, and karaoke time has struck an interest within the student body. Aubrea Lyman used to be an avid singer at her old school, so she suggested we start karaoke here as well.

The request for bringing karaoke into the school has been granted. Now every Friday for the last thirty minutes of lunch, students are able to go to the auditorium and listen. The tech department provided the school with new systems to enhance our microphones, so that makes karaoke even better.

Officer Dillon Goodnight attended one of the karaoke days, and sang a song for the audience. Dillon said, “I went up there to sing because it seemed a lot of people were nervous to sing karaoke, and I was too, but I tried to show them it’s ok to be nervous. Just get up there try to rock it.” Dillon sung the song “Trick” by Run DMC. When asked why that song, he said the following, “When I was a senior in high school I sang that song in the talent show and won the event.” Dillon requested Stephen Cunningham, Joey Schmidt and Casey Stanley to be the backup dancers, to take some of the heat off him.

Not only is it a time killer for the end of the lunch, it enables students to break away from the shyness. Karaoke Fridays allow students to spread their talent to the whole student body.

Aubrea Lyman had the following to say to the student body: “Sing your heart out, no matter what anyone else thinks.”