Sneak Peek Into Off-Campus Prom

Mark your calendars! April 8th is the day that everyone has been looking forward to since the school year began. It’s Prom night!

The WCHS 2017 Prom Committee has met with sponsors and administrators and came to the decision that this year’s prom will be held off campus. The new location of prom will be at Parkersburg Art Center in downtown Parkersburg.

The venue is a 3 story building, top to bottom with lavish decorations. On the entry level, the Art Center has local masterpieces hung from odd placed walls that form into a unique design.


The second level is an open mezzanine with staircases on both sides connecting the floors. From the mezzanine, you can see the entirety of the bottom floor and all the artwork.

From the second floor mezzanine, there is a single staircase that leads right into the ballroom on the third floor, where the WCHS Prom will be held.

The ballroom is a long room with tall ceilings held up by columns in the middle. Mirrors decorate the walls on the back wall and a few sporadic ones along the side walls.

The front wall of the room is open with tall windows allowing amounts of light from the night life to peek through. In front of the windows will be the wooden dance floor where the majority of the attendees will be spending their evening.

This year’s prom will be catered by Lacey Sims. She will be preparing small finger foods and desserts for the guests to enjoy. Her hors d’ouevres will be made to match this year’s theme.

And on the subject of the theme, it has been decided to be kept a secret until the night of. With it being held a secret, it will add an element of surprise and elegance to the evening.

Prom tickets are $25.00 for an individual and $40.00 for a couple. They are on sale in the library with Mrs. Oldfield. If you are taking a student from another school, or someone outside of school and they are under the age of 21, you must get a permission slip in the office or library.

This night is a magical night for students all around and we hope you come to be a part of it!