2017 Homecoming Parade

September 8, 2017 Wirt County holds their annual Homecoming Parade; children, parents, and students fill the streets in excitement because we have all been waiting.
When Homecoming week is occurring in the halls of Wirt County High School, it is a fun competition to see what class can build the most outstanding float. Most students have been waiting since the beginning of the year for this.
With only given a total of five days to work on the float, dedication and hard work is put in from each committee. Strolling through the streets of Elizabeth, the Class of 2019 “killed” the judge’s attention with the float being a morgue. Juniors took first place as announced at the football game later that evening.
Wirt County Primary Center and Middle School students lined the streets ready for candy! As the car rolled through the streets with the Sweethearts, Candidates, and Escorts inside, the excitement began.
Student Council members elected Holley Moneypenny and Maggie Bailey as Parade Marshalls. The day was extremely hot, but they were more than prepared to get the parade in order and ready to go.
Kayla Randolph spoke from a senior point-of-view, “It was a bitter sweet moment because it was our last Homecoming”. From her personal experience of her last Homecoming Parade she said, “My favorite part was Kylee and I sitting in the beach chairs throwing candy”.
Our very own Tiger Mascot, Emmy Sears, was more than excited when she escorted Little Miss and Mister. “There was never a dull moment. Probably my favorite part was seeing the smiles on their faces like they were so happy to be there,” Emmy stated said during our interview.