The Best Time to Decorate for Christmas

“Before Thanksgiving is way too early to put your Christmas decorations up,” and “The week before Christmas is way too late”, are things you here once Christmas time rolls around. Is there actually a perfect time though?

In my family we put up the decorations whenever we have time, which is usually Thanksgiving Break. I think this would be logical for lots of busy hardworking parents. Again, people don’t see this and think that it’s way too early to decorate.

Decorating too early can be odd, if say you have Thanksgiving dinner with your Christmas tree and decorations in the room.  Mrs. Williams said, “I like to wait until Thanksgiving is over. I don’t want to rush and not give that holiday its dues.” This makes perfect sense seeing the holidays are some of the most memorable times.

When librarian Mrs. Osborne was asked if Thanksgiving was too early to put up decorations, she answered, “Yes! Way too early,” and then stated a simple, “No,” when asked Is the week before Christmas way too early. The week before Christmas is a good time because that’s when your Christmas presents are finally being wrapped and you can then stick them under the tree, but it can be a bad time also. It can be a bad time because the week before is a big time for distant family dinners and friend gift exchanges.

Experts show that Christmas spirit can make a person happier. This might make you want to put up your Christmas decorations right after Thanksgiving to get your spirits up after seeing the weird cousins or the week before Christmas so you can be happy before seeing your family.

From all of this, it is clear there is no perfect time that everyone should follow to put up their decorations. It will depend on the different things in each family’s life such as the sports, clubs, and work schedules. All in all, it doesn’t matter whether it’s Thanksgiving Break or the day before Christmas as long you are having fun in the Christmas spirit.

May lovely, happy times decorate your holiday season, may warm, special memories brighten your new year, may the wonder of Christmas be with you forever. –Unknown

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