All I Want for Christmas

“All I Want for Christmas” is a song many learned as a child. At some point in our lives, handfuls of children lose their two front teeth at the same time; leading us to relate to the Christmas song. The song is about a child who doesn’t have his two front teeth where he repeats multiple times:

“All I want for Christmas

Is my two front teeth

My two front teeth

Just my two front teeth

Gee, if I could have

My two front teeth

Then I could wish you a Merry Christmas”

Being adolescents and adults it is not so necessary to want our “two front teeth for Christmas”. In dedication from our childhood, I spoke with students from our small, rural school about what they want for Christmas:


Emma Wyer – “All I want for Christmas is a cow.”

Emma Axley – “I want a Playstation 4, Firestarter by Steven King, and some new clothes.”

Adeline Sims – “All I want for Christmas is a guitar.”

Steven McClung – “All I want for Christmas is a football.”

Hunter Hickman – “I want a mini-fridge.”

Rylee Copeland – “I want a Naked Eyeshadow Pallet, winter clothes, and Christmas movies.”

Tathan Bailey – “I don’t want anything for Christmas because I don’t need anything.”

Slayde Sweeney – “I don’t want anything for Christmas because other people need stuff more than I do.”

Shawna Ashby – “I want a new saddle for Christmas.”

Brooklyn Smith – “All I want for Christmas is for my dad to be home and to collect a colossal amount of clothing for homeless.”

Glen McFee – “Truck parts and a couple pairs of socks.”

Adam Thompson – “I want a light up yo-yo”

Allison Grady – “All I want for Christmas is a giant teddy bear.”

Kylee Banfield – “Makeup; all day, everyday, girl.”