Christmas Traditions


It’s that time of year again and as Christmas occurs, many people have activities or traditions that they share with the ones they love.


Adeline Sims for example has family traditions each year to celebrate the most wonderful time of year: “We open presents at my house first in the morning and then we go to my mom-mom’s and eat lunch and open presents. And after we’re done, we make Christmas cookies,” Adeline explains.


Each tradition is special in its own way and everyone’s tradition is different. With traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation, memories are guaranteed to be made and may continue to be passed on.


Taylor Brooks also has traditions for Christmas time. She says, “We usually visit family or if that can’t happen, they come up from South Carolina and we have a Christmas dinner. On Christmas Eve, we open up a teaser type of gift.” Brooks goes on to explain, “On Christmas morning, we say a prayer and then we open up gifts.”


While we spend time with family and friend and enjoy this holiday, traditions are a great way to celebrate and make memories. Whether it be baking sugar cookies for Santa or watching Hallmark movies all December long, traditions are not uncommon during this holiday season.


Jennie Burroughs also shares her Christmas traditions. “We all sit down and watch A Christmas Story and National Lampoon’s Family Vacation. And every year we pick out a tree and cut it down together.”


The smallest activities can mean so much. Traditions are a great way to spend time with the ones you love.