Editorial: Net Neutrality Repeal

In recent weeks, the FCC chairman has called to repeal Net Neutrality in the United States. This call, unless fought against, will harm millions.

 This massive change has made headlines for weeks, but most are unaware of what this change will consist of. Here is a brief summary of what Net Neutrality is and why we should be more concerned:

 Net Neutrality is, in layman’s terms, free internet. Without it, there will be a fee for the use of internet and specific websites. Therefore, we will have to pay for our time on the internet.

 Carriers, like Verizon, AT&T, etc., can block certain websites or content and can slow down their internet to where it is difficult to use.

 We have grown so accustomed to Net Neutrality that we are just expecting it every time we get onto the internet. We just expect that we will have free internet and we trust that our carriers are giving us the best treatment possible.

 Soon, without a fight from the people, these expectations will face a very harsh reality. The FCC will repeal the freedom of the internet.

 To help fight against this repeal, you can text RESIST to 504-09. An automated bot will respond to you. Their job is to send your message to your State’s representatives in Congress.

 They will ask for your name and address and then they will list your State’s representatives. They will ask if you want to send a letter to the House, Senate, Congress, President, or Governor. It is most beneficial if you send your letter to the representatives in Congress because that is where the main vote will be.

 Then, the bot will ask if you want to send a letter to just one of your representatives, or both. Sending your message to both has a larger chance of helping the fight.

 Next, and lastly, you can type your message. If you are educated on the topic, you can send a detailed letter. If that doesn’t apply to you, even sending the letter “SAVE NET NEUTRALITY” will do.

 The bot will send your letter to your representatives and then, in a few weeks your representatives will get back to you.

 If you feel uneasy about being in contact with a bot, there is also an online petition that you can sign that is also sent to the FCC, House of Representatives, and the Senate. You can sign it here at https://www.change.org/p/save-net-neutrality-netneutrality.

 This change affects everyone. It harms us, high school students, and our education. It harms jobs in the workforce. If those examples don’t appeal to specifically to you, the repeal of Net Neutrality still does.

 Help this fight by getting in contact with you representatives or educating others on the cause. This repeal, as terrible as it is, is real and threatening. Do your civil duty and help save the internet.