The Student Leadership Team Positively Impacts WCHS

As we approach the end of the first semester, the Student Leadership Team (SLT) continues to thrive. Halfway through its second year, the program has made many positive changes to Wirt County High School.

From discussing how to improve everyday student life to organizing fundraisers, the Student Leadership Team has proven to be a positive addition to our school. Composed of one student from each DG class, the students on the SLT hold meetings to express their concerns and ideas with Mrs. Smith.

The Student Leadership Team is currently working on a project that is very important to the school system and community. They are organizing a fundraiser for their peers Seth and Shay Moore. The Moore family recently lost their house in a tragic fire and the SLT is taking the initiative to help them. The Student Leadership team is collecting clothes, shoes, and other necessary items.

President Jakob Henderson said, “The Student Leadership Team is helping them by setting up a Christmas Tree in the foyer and allowing people to set gifts and other goods under the tree.”

In addition to their more important tasks, the Student Leadership Team has also granted students the ability to wear hats every Friday. This weekly hat day is free of charge and gives the students another regulated and fair way to express themselves. Small additions like this can improve the atmosphere of the school and give the students something to look forward to.

The Student Leadership Team is hoping to have many new and exciting projects to take on as we enter the new year. The Student Leadership Team members share a goal of bettering the student body and overall atmosphere of WCHS. Advisor Mrs. Smith said, “I see the SLT taking the lead on creating and implementing activities and programs for change at the high school utilizing data from surveys such as the School Climate Survey, Technology Survey, Attendance, Discipline and Benchmarking.” These efforts made by the SLT have already proven to positively impact day-to-day life at Wirt County High School.

Jakob Henderson stated, “I’ve seen a lot of positive changes over the last year since the Wirt County High School Student Leadership Team has been activated. Our fundraising efforts have went toward improving our school for various projects.” In addition to that, the Student Leadership Team has also made it possible for the student body to have an appropriate way to voice their concerns. All of this helps make WCHS a more positive environment for students and staff.

Mrs. Smith stated, “The SLT has excelled by putting the needs of others on the forefront.  Students are given the freedom to discuss school issues and concerns and try and come up with solutions for the betterment.  Having student buy in is the key to success for any project or initiative.  Our students are the biggest asset we have at WCHS.” Having a group of elected students to voice school-wide concerns will likely carry on for many years to come.