Where Are They Now?

The graduates of 2017 are pursuing many different paths. A lot of graduates are going to college, some are in the military, and some are just going straight to work.
Hayden Moneypenny is a receptionist and head of advertisement at New Image Aesthetics Med Spa. She says, “I love my job and I’m glad I chose this path, but take it from someone who missed a lot of school for dumb reasons and was always late, it’s not that easy in the work force.” Her advice would be to not think that the real world will treat you like kids.
Jessica Lockhart is a hospital corpsman in the navy. She did her special training and boot camp at Great Lakes, Illinois. Jessica will be going to Sicily on the 26th of December.
She says, “In the military you’re exposed to everything and high school prepared me for that.” If students want to be exposed to different cultures, religions, and beliefs military is a good option.
Kaitlyn Thompson is getting her 2-year degree at West Virginia University at Parkersburg for a degree in Public Relations. “I didn’t expect to enjoy my classes so much,” Kaitlyn says.
When students think of college they think boring classes and a lot of stress, but Kaitlyn continues to say, “I have learned a lot and am really enjoying myself.
Sarah Cunningham is going to college for an under-graduate degree in social work. Sarah said, “College is a lot different than high school. The work is harder but it’s worth it because you know every class you take and it’s getting you closer to your degree.” If putting hard work into something is all it takes students should definitely put more work into things.
Sarah is involved in many extra-circular activities on campus including her sorority Alpha Chi. She says, “The best part of being in a sorority is being so involved. There is always an event or something to go to. Going Greek was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made!”

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The graduates of 2017 have come so far since they have graduated. As the class of 2018 makes plans for the future.