Winter Formal Preview

With the seasons slowly but surely drifting by, Winter always seems like the one to stay around longer than anyone wants it to. Although there are the negative effects that come with the frigid months, like having to carry around an eskimo winter coat that your mom makes you take everywhere you go, there is also the good things that come with winter.

The positive effects would include snow, which then leads to no school, layering clothes, winter break, and Christmas; but what’s celebrating all of these valuable things without a dance?

For the past 3 years, the WCHS band has been in charge of the Winter Formal which had been used as a fundraiser, but this year National Honors Society has decided to take charge and hold the event instead.

The set date for this year’s winter formal is the 27th of January in the cafeteria. National Honors Society has chosen the theme Ice Blue for the dance this year. For those interested in attending the event, the tickets will be priced at $15 for individual tickets, and $18 for couples.